July Newsletter

Customer Spotlight: French Libation French Libation is the link between French producers and the American market. They specialize in hand-crafted wines, ciders and spirits. French Libation says they “strive to select qualitative and affordable libations that express their terroir perfectly. Above all, we work with producers we believe in.”  Building long-term relationships with their partners through quality […]

Weekly Update Week 25: June 21st – 25th

Operations Update   Shipping Costs – Emergency Charge Increase The shipping lines notified us of additional emergency charges and price rises effective July onwards. These fees are “pass through” charges; the actual cost is dependent on route and destination. What to expect: For Q3, the emergency charges may more than double the current pass through […]

Weekly Update: Week 23: June 7th – 11th

Operations Update Importers Rejoice: It’s Finally Over. U.S. and EU to End for Good Trump’s $18 Billion Tariff Fight  Oakland Update: Today the vessel concentration at Oakland has exceeded Los Angeles and Long Beach, with vessel waiting times between 15-20 days. Oakland has an even greater labor shortage than Southern California but has been taking steps to increase the labor […]