July Newsletter

Customer Spotlight: French Libation

French Libation is the link between French producers and the American market. They specialize in hand-crafted wines, ciders and spirits.

French Libation says they “strive to select qualitative and affordable libations that express their terroir perfectly. Above all, we work with producers we believe in.”  Building long-term relationships with their partners through quality product selection is their goal and they focus on regional US distribution with partners in over 40 states.

Raising a glass to French Libation!

Using blockchain to improve wine’s journey on the supply chain. Now you can keep an eye on your wines, from vineyard to consumer. VinAssure™ , a new, IBM blockchain-powered platform, quickly shares product data across the supply chain, ensuring the exacting methods of the world’s best winemakers are not undermined by supply chain errors, misinformation or improper conditions during transit.


Of the 1.7 million seafarers across the world, roughly 900,000 come from countries in which vaccines may not be widely available before 2024. That’s about to change. Germany and Cyprus Join Efforts to Vaccinate Seafarers.


If we want a world without waste, we might need something other than the human brain to achieve it. How AI Is Tackling Waste in Factories and the Supply Chain.


The top U.S. maritime regulator said stretched global supply chains pushing ocean-freight rates to record highs may stay strained into 2022. Can small American companies weather another year of a tangled transport system and much higher costs?


Executives of Seko Logistics predict a surge in traffic that will put renewed strain on the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, as well as the rail and truck networks beyond them. Congestion at US west coast ports will ‘get worse before it gets better.


New York pulls the plug on to-go booze and wine sales. NYC’s Restaurant Wine Crisis, Explained.


Check out Alexi’s Podcast: Interview with Kate Holden


If you could put a feeling in a bottle, what would yours taste like?

According to Kate Holden, every wine has a distinct memory or feeling. Kate believes that when you merge passion with something you love doing, your career will fall into place. That’s why she has spent time collecting data on what is resonating to translate that out-of-the-box experience into something more: to merge her passion for alcoholic beverages with others’ cravings for joy and connection. So, what memory do you want to leave with your customers as you continue to evolve your marketing strategies?

In this episode of the Alexi Cashen Show, Alexi sits down with Kate Holden, the Owner of De Luca Fine Wines, to discuss the importance of creating an experience with your brand. Listen in as Kate talks about how she’s furnishing a different approach to drinking wine, how to provide a unique and tailed experience for your customers, and how to leap out of your comfort zone as an entrepreneur and leader. Tune in here!