Weekly Update Week 27: July 5th – 9th

News to Know


We’re drinking more than ever. US total beverage alcohol consumption in 2020 was the largest volume gain in nearly 20 years. Wine resonated with at-home consumers and the spirits category also saw its biggest increase since 1990.


The industry inches closer back to normal. Domestic Wine Sales Increase 23% in May.


What happens to Pinot Noir when the grapes get blasted by 116 degree temperatures? Heat the Burning Issue for Oregon Winemakers.


What’s in a name? A lot. French champagne sold in Russia must now be described as “sparkling wine”. French champagne industry group fumes over new Russian law.


Compared to Scotch, Bourbon used to be a bargain. See why that’s about to change. There’s only one place Bourbon prices are going – through the roof.


Using recycled fuel isn’t just for Beemers in Berkeley. More Shipping Companies Testing Biofuel in Operations.