Weekly Update Week 25: June 21st – 25th

Operations Update


Shipping Costs – Emergency Charge Increase

The shipping lines notified us of additional emergency charges and price rises effective July onwards. These fees are “pass through” charges; the actual cost is dependent on route and destination.

What to expect:

  • For Q3, the emergency charges may more than double the current pass through charges of $1.60 a case.
  • For FCLs, the emergency shipping charges will be included in our quotes.
  • Previous FCL quotes will remain valid for 15 days from the time of quotation.
  • Emergency surcharges on new quotes will be shown as a line item on your invoice.
  • Continue to allow an additional 4 – 8 weeks for shipping delays.

Typically, when we introduce any rate increases, you get advance notice.  But we are currently not able to postpone passing on the cost because the emergency surcharges are already being billed to Elenteny. We apologize for this inconvenience.  

Read more: https://elentenyimports.com/2021/06/shipping-costs-emergency-charge-increase/

News to Know

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