Susie Curnutte Gunaca

Susie became interested in learning about wine while living in Italy during her college years.  She was struck by the traditional way that wine is part of an Italian family meal, something to be enjoyed by everyone and practically a necessary ingredient at the table.

She saw vineyards for the first time while on a bike ride between Florence and Pisa and the inspiration struck.   Upon returning to the states and finishing school, she decided to learn more about wine.  What was at first a hobby quickly became a passion.  She studied wine through the International Sommelier Guild in Chicago for two years then, seeking hands-on experience, she moved to Seattle in 2010 to learn about the Pacific Northwest vineyards and winemakers.  She continued studying and made Seattle home.

In Seattle, she volunteered and worked for some PNW wineries, worked for a highly respected retailer, then jumped to the wholesale side where she thrived because she enjoyed building the customer relationships very much.  She worked for both distributors and importers over the course of a few years and traveled the wine regions Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and France.  She was once a customer of T Elenteny and was inspired by what we do.  She joins us with a great interest in engaging with customers, doing her part to get the wine to where it needs to be when, and helping importers and distributors grow their businesses.

Aside from work and wine, she spends her time with her husband and young son and getting to know her new home of Denver, Colorado.  Exploring the mountainous region and spending time in nature is high on her priority list.