Scott Henricks

Scott’s journey into the wine industry started at the tender age of 15 when his mother volunteered him to a local fine dining restaurant in need of a busboy.  Since then he has found himself surrounded by wine enthusiasts, and lovers. Most notably his wife.

As a member of the United States Air Force, Scott handled the inventory and shipment of munitions assets.  At the same time, he volunteered at a local wine store, where he helped with sales and inventory. He claims that both jobs were equally fulfilling.

Since his time in the military, Scott has achieved a Master of Science in Management Information Systems. He strives to use his knowledge and experience to make the jobs of his customers and co-workers easier.

Scott lives in the Denver area with his wife, two sons, and two cats.  In his free time, he enjoys playing video games with his sons and planning his next get away with his wife.