Weekly Update 18 : 29 April – 3 May 2024

Weekly Update

Week 18 : 29 April – 3 May 2024

We have space on the next
Portugal to New York container
600 Cases to Go!

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Operations Update  

Baltimore Port welcomes container ships back

The first container ship has arrived at the Port of Baltimore since the collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The MSC Cargo’s Passion III arrived after navigating the temporary 35-foot-deep channel.   Engineers expect to fully reopen the main shipping channel by the end of May 2024.

Cross-Andes Pass Closed

The cross-Andes pass was closed on 29 April due to inclement winter weather. Whilst open now, expect delays as congestion backlogs resolve.  Delays on the pass between Menodoza and the Chilean ports of San Antonio and Valparasio are common during the winter season, which starts now and extends through to September.

Port of Oakland May Day Protest

The Port of Oakland shut down on May 1 to accommodate political protests.  Expect delays as port operations recover from the closure.

Organic Import Update: Enrollment Periods & Fee Structure

We believe strongly in the value that small, organic producers and distributors offer US consumers, and we will work with you to ensure the continuity of your organic products in the marketplace.

We have scheduled several enrollment periods to make our process as flexible as possible.  Our enrollment periods enable the team to embed compliance into our daily operations and establish the necessary record-keeping for the USDA.

During these enrollment periods, you can register the organic wines/products you intend to import.

You must register wines with a label including the word ORGANIC. This can be any of the following:

“Organic”. “Organic Wine” “Made with Organic Grapes”  “Made using Organic practices”

These, and only these are wines in-scope of the USDA’s Strengthening Organic Enforcement Program.


The enrollment periods are :

June 1, 2024  – June 21, 2024

September 1, 2024 – September 20, 2024

December 1, 2024  – December 20, 2024

March 2, 2025 – March 21, 2025

The full schedule of 2025 periods will be published in early 2025.


We have a fee structure that includes an annual SKU Registration Fee and then a shipment charge per supplier each time the SKU is imported.   The fees are standardized for SKUs registered during an enrollment period.

For SKUs that need urgent attention a RUSH fee is applied.

More information can be found here or please reach out to organic@elentenyimports.com to learn more about our fee structure.

Building Containers | LCL Spaces Available 

As we fill containers, below is the number of cases still needed from each origin BEFORE we close the doors on the next sailing.

France to OAK:  600 Cases
Germany to NY: 300 Cases – Get in Quick!
Austria to NY:  750 cases
Portugal to NY:  600 cases
Spain to OAK:  700 cases
Italy to OAK: 822 cases

New Containers. Start planning your Summer Shipments 

South America to NY:  Likely to ship in June Summer Ship for June

Australia to NY

South Africa to NY

New Zealand to NY

Argentina/Chile to NY

We also operate the following services:

France to NY – Weekly

Italy to NY – Weekly

Spain to NY –  Bi-monthly

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Are you coming to Vinexpo in June in NYC?

Vinexpo 2024 is just around the corner!  The event is being held in Elenteny’s back yard at the Jarvis Centre
from 24 -25 June.    Send us an email and let us know if you will be in town here.


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