Weekly Update 19 : 6 May – 10 May




Weekly Update

Week 19 : 6 May – 10 May 2024

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South Africa to Oakland 
200 Cases to Go!

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Operations Update  

Delays in ETA’s

In the past month, we have noticed an uptick in delays to ETAs. This is mostly due to port calls to consolidate loads and transshipments as determined by the steamship lines.   At the moment we are seeing delays of up to 4 days from the original estimated arrivals.

This container departed Livorno, stopped in Genoa, Fos, and Barcelona; and it still has one more stop scheduled in Valencia before steaming to NY.  This is not an uncommon occurrence but these stops and slow steaming are impacting ETAs.

Hail Leaves Chablis in Ruins

On May 1, 2024 a supercell thunderstorm devastated vineyards across the Chablis appellation with villages in La Chapelle Vaupelteigne, Fontenay, and Villy severely affected.  Giant hail stones and violent winds hit about 70% of the crop and vineyards are still assessing the damage.

Throwback Thursday:  PODCAST

Alexi’s (Our CEO!) Podcast series focused on hot topics impacting the wine and beverage industry, throwback to this week in May 2022 when Alexi interviewed Carlos de Jesus the Director of Marketing and Communications at Amorim Cork (the largest cork producer in the world).  Take a listen, then fast forward to today’s conversation about the power of cork as a change agent for climate change.

Building Containers | LCL Spaces Available 

As we fill containers, below is the number of cases still needed from each origin BEFORE we close the doors on the next sailing.

South Africa to Oakland: 200 Cases
Argentina / Chile to NY : 500 Cases
France to OAK:  425 Cases
Germany to NY: 150 Cases – Get in Quick!
Austria to NY:  750 cases
Portugal to NY:  475 cases
Spain to OAK:  600 cases

New Containers. Start planning your Summer Shipments 

South America to NY:  Likely to ship in June Summer Ship for June

Australia to NY

South Africa to NY

New Zealand to NY

We also operate the following services:

France to NY – Weekly

Italy to NY – Weekly

Spain to NY –  Bi-monthly

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This helps us remain compliant with USDA Rules.

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You Can Play Container Ships!

Ever wanted to nerd out and experience the skill of loading a container, putting it on a vessel, and then steering that container ship into Port. Check out this App we found!  & Yes Team Elenteny has played!

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