September 2023 Newsletter

Get your Thanksgiving orders in, Low Volume Lanes update, Chile Delays

Operations Update

Thanksgiving is just around the corner!
Make sure you don’t miss out on those hard won glass pours.  For West Coast customers, with on water times around 7 weeks, be sure to get your orders in now.

The Argentina mountain pass (Libertadores Pass) re-opened briefly and then closed again there is a backlog ~6,000 trucks waiting to cross, with the potential for for disruptions due to bad weather.  Shipments from Chile are being delayed.

Low Volume Lanes Update: 
LCL space (9L cases) is available on the following lower volume lanes:

France to OAK:   200 cases

Spain to OAK:   1100 cases on a new container

Italy to OAK:  750 cases

Germany to NY:   150 cases (closing soon)

Portugal to NY:   100 cases (closing soon)

Portugal to OAK:  1100 cases

Austria to NY:  500 Cases

South America to NY:  Building a new container

New Zealand to OAK:   900 cases

Australia to NY:  400 Cases

Georgia to NY:  500 Cases (New)


Italy to Seattle:  200 cases (closing soon)

France to Seattle:  100 cases (closing soon)

High Frequency LCL Lanes:

Italy to NY:     Multiple shipments per week

France to NY:    Multiple shipments per week

Spain to NY:      One shipment per week

Customer Spotlight

 La Cigale Wines

The Cicada is something of a mascot in Southern France, and we see (and hear) plenty of them in Texas, hence the name La Cigale. Ed Proctor has been in business for 13 years. He says, ” Elenteny Imports has acted as our consolidator of foreign shipments for 10 of those years; they have enabled us to move LCL loads without waiting to fill containers. This allows us to be agile when reacting to changes in demand.”

It is well known that many of the world’s best-known, prestigious wines come from centuries-old chateaux and modern day architectural marvels owned by captains of industry, movie producers and multinational re-insurance corporations; we base our efforts on the belief that many other great wines come out of family vineyards where the owners toil in the fields and caves daily. The wines from these family producers are more likely to retain the sense of place that stamps them uniquely, and the cost of enjoying them is more reasonable when the bottom line takes back seat to personal pride in producing the best wines.

La Cigale has a unique portfolio of select French and Italian wines which has expanded to include wines from Argentina, Spain and the USA.  Ed’s vision is to continue to include new vintages saying “We are not done yet, but will always strive to bring wines of character that speak clearly of their terroir; we hope you will enjoy them”

Raise a glass to La Cigale!


Keeping you in the Loop

News you need to know

No need to worry about strikes on the West Coast. US west coast dockworkers approve new six-year contract – Splash247

Australia now has the third-highest spirits tax in the world. Hitting the wall: Australia’s spirits taxes block expansion

September’s here, so it’s time for Oktoberfest. These Competition-Winning Posters Perfectly Capture Munich’s Oktoberfest | VinePair

You can now find biodynamic wine made in China. China now has its first Demeter certified winery – Vino Joy News

With all these lovely tokens of September days are here, with summers best of weather and the autumns best of cheer.

–  Helen Hunt Jackson

Cheers, Elenteny Imports