FDL National Orders Appointment

We received the following memo from Fond du Lac in regard to a new process for outside carriers order pick ups. Please send these instructions along to your customers so they can update their truckers.

In an effort to better serve you and improve the carrier pickup experience, as of September 25th FDL will require appointments for pickups. All pickup appointments will need to be scheduled through our new system, Data Docks.

In order for the system to function properly we will need to have the correct carrier information on all orders. If the carrier shows as TBD, CPU, or COMTRU, an appointment will not be able to be scheduled. Actual CPU orders being picked up by a sales rep do not need to be scheduled and that process will continue as is.

Please note, that it is the responsibility of the carrier to schedule pickup appointments in advance using the link below. A username and password will need to be created and will be used for all future appointments.

We have sent the information to the carriers we have on file that we have contacts for. However, we ask for your cooperation in sharing this information with all your customers/carriers to reach the carriers we may not have direct contact with.

We are looking forward to this new process as it will help to avoid wait times and provide a quicker turn-around of freight on our dock.

Please go to https://booking.datadocks.com to create an account to begin scheduling appointments.