Weekly Update Week 38: Sept 18th-22nd

Outbound Appointments at Fond du Lac Cold Storage, Ocean Reliability Improves, Low Volume Lanes Update


Operations Update

Outbound Appointments at Fond du Lac Cold Storage 
As of September 25th FDL will require appointments for pickups.  All pickup appointments will need to be scheduled through their new system, Data Docks.  In order for the system to function properly, FDL will need to have the correct carrier information on all orders.

Actual customer pickups which are being collected by a sales rep do not need to be scheduled and that process will continue as is.

Please note that it is the responsibility of the carrier to schedule pickup appointments in advance using the link below.  A username and password will need to be created and will be used for all future appointments.  Fond du Lac has sent the information to the carriers they have on file, however, they ask for your cooperation in sharing this information with all of your carriers to reach the ones they may not have direct contact with.

This new system will help to avoid wait times and provide a quicker turn-around for freight on the dock.  Please have your carrier go to https://booking.datadocks.com to create an account and begin scheduling appointments.

Ocean Reliability Improves
Ocean reliability has improved by ~10% in 2023 and far exceeds 2021/2022 and the latter half of 2020.  However, reliability continues to significantly trail the pre-pandemic era.  Some factors such as slow-steaming, decommissioning of older vessels and delays in the Panama Canal may make this the “new normal” and we may not see a full return to pre-pandemic timeframes for the foreseeable future.

Source: sea intelligence Maritime Analysis / Global Liner Performance Report – August 2023


Low Volume Lanes Update
LCL space (9L cases) is available on the following lower volume lanes:

France to OAK:   Full, building a new container

Spain to OAK:   1100 cases on a new container

Italy to OAK:  Full, building a new container

Germany to NY:   Full, building a new container

Portugal to NY:   Full, building a new container

Portugal to OAK:  800 cases

Austria to NY:  Full, building a new container

South America to NY:   1200 cases (building a new container)

New Zealand to OAK:   900 cases

Australia to NY:  250 Cases

Georgia to NY:  150 cases


Italy to Seattle:  Full, we are building the next container

France to Seattle:  Full, we are building the next container

High Frequency LCL Lanes:

Italy to NY:     Multiple shipments per week

France to NY:    Multiple shipments per week

Spain to NY:      One shipment per week

News to Know

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Global shipping companies explore alternate fuels. HMM aims to have up to 10% of its fuel mix coming from biofuels by 2026 – Splash247

Shipping sees another spike in fuel costs. Shipping Lines Hit by Rising Fuel Costs as OPEC Cuts Supply

Backlogs are likely to persist through next year in the Panama Canal. Drought Restrictions in Panama Canal to Continue Into 2024 | SupplyChainBrain


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