Weekly Update: Week 24: June 12th-16th

CBMA Charges, Juneteenth Observance, Independence Day Warehouse Hours

Operations Update

CBMA Charges 
We have almost completed the processing of the first round of CBMA submissions and refunds, Elenteny will be making some adjustments to the process. As of July 1st, we will be charging the same $45 CBMA processing fee at the time we clear your shipment. This charge will show up on the invoice related to its corresponding shipment and will serve as confirmation that CBMA was applied to that shipment and cover our upfront processing costs.

Please note, Elenteny will file all incoming CBMA entries at the highest rate. If your assignment is at the lower rate, you must tell Elenteny prior to entry or TTB will reject the credit on the quarterly filing. This means a post summary correction would be required and could potentially eliminate any CBMA benefit for those gallons.

If your claim was rejected and the amount would be negated by a post-summary correction, you should consider using those gallons on a later shipment, as you have the entire calendar year to utilize the benefit.

In observance of Juneteenth, we will be working with limited staff on both Friday, 6/16 and Monday, 6/19. Please expect delays from our team during these days as we will prioritize next day orders above all other requests.

Independence Day – Warehouse Hours:

Fond Du Lac will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th. Releases placed on Monday, July 3rd will be processed for delivery on Wednesday, July 5th. There is potential for inbound delays during the week due to high volume.

Sidekick will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th and will not be making deliveries on Wednesday, July 5th.  Elenteny will be processing orders on Wednesday, July 5th for release on Thursday, July 6th. The next available date for Outside Carrier pickups will be Thursday July 6th .

MMK Logistics will be closed on Tuesday, July 4th.  Release requests for Monday, July 3rd need to be submitted by 3pm CST (4pm EST) on Friday, June 30th. Orders for release on Wednesday, July 5th need to be submitted by 3pm CST (4pm EST) on Monday July 3rd.

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