January Newsletter

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Operations Update

Happy New Year to all of our customers and business partners!

We are happy to be able to start the new year with some good news about costs.  We recently received our 2023 Q1 pricing tariffs from our freight forwarders. Prices on the European lanes have finally started to fall.  Our most popular LCL lane costs will be reduced by between $1 -> ~$2 a case, in addition, there will be a 1% reduction on the BAF fuel surcharge.  More details may be found here.

We are looking forward to a year of reduced supply chain disruptions, and hopefully, continued good news on the pricing front.

Austrian -> NY Container Leaving Soon
We have an upcoming Austria to NY container that has space available. Please reach out to your account representative, or support@elentenyimports.com, if you have any Austrian shipments that you would like to add to this container.

CBMA Reminder
Our brokers are already clearing shipments under the new CBMA rules by declaring new TTB foreign producer IDs on our customs entries.  To ensure that you are eligible to claim credit at the end of Q1, please be sure to provide us with the foreign producer ID and gallonage assignment for 2023 two weeks prior to entry.  Once we have the foreign producer ID and allocation, no further action will be needed by you. If you still require information on the process, please reach out to CBMA@Elentenyimports.com or Tim.Kealey@Elentenyimports.com and we will get you the answers you need.

Port Update

New York ports are operating with limited delay due to some recent freeing up of space on the terminals, however some wait times are still to be expected at FDL where they are currently operating with 7-10 day delays for inbound shipments. The silver lining is that truckers are able to make deliveries without issue, but the physical count is hampered by the backlog. West Coast port delays have dropped to less than a week, but difficulty booking appointments at 3PLs remains a challenge.

Customer Spotlight: F & R Wine Imports

In 2010, John-Paul started the successful Culinary Tours of Paris, conducting hundreds of tastings and tours for several thousand clients- which led to the creation of F & R Wine Imports, LLC.

Each year, John-Paul and his team visit several natural wine fairs all over France, whether in Languedoc, Beaujolais, Provence, or in Paris. They spend time getting to know all of their winemakers, visiting them at their homes and seeing how they work in the vines.

When you drink wines from F&R Wine Imports, you are tasting wines from exceptional producers and good friends.

Today F&R Wine Imports works with some of the more sought-after organic and natural wine producers in France. These producers are all small, environmentally conscious winemakers, many of whom have had little exposure in the United States.

Raising a glass to F&R Wine Imports!

Want to get the spotlight? Every month we shine the light on an Elenteny customer.  Let us know if you’d like to be featured in an upcoming newsletter: support@elentenyimports.com.

Keeping you in the Loop

News you need to know

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Can you name 2022’s Wine Region of the Year? Abruzzo, Italy. 

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.


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