2023 Q1 – Price Reduction Announcement

We recently received our 2023 Q1 pricing tariffs from our freight forwarders.  We are pleased to announce  that prices on the European lanes have finally started to fall.   We will be reducing our most popular LCL lanes by between $1.00 to ~$2.00 per case.  In addition there will be a 1% reduction on the BAF fuel surcharge .  

Example price changes – level 3 pricing (200 – 349 cases)

East coast

  • France -> NY  Base price $23.73 -> $21.73*
  • Italy ->      NY  Base price  $22.31 -> $20.73*

West coast

  • France -> NY  Base price $29.34 -> $27.24*
  • Italy ->      NY  Base price  $27.86 -> $26.26*

* Excludes 1% fuel reduction  


West coast LCL: For the time being, we will continue to ship our West Coast LCL shipments via the east coast. While we are keen to restart direct LCL shipments to the west coast, the following conditions still apply:

  • Direct west coast shipments are still taking significantly longer (6 – 7 weeks), than shipping to the east coast and trucking across.
  • Oakland continues to experience delays; however, conditions are improving.
  • Until a new labor contract is signed, there remains the possibility of port disruption on the west coast.
  • West coast 3PL backups are leading to additional charges such as prepull, yard-storage and per-diems, often eliminating any cost savings associated with moving containers directly into those ports. 


For those of you who use our FCL services, similar pricing reductions will apply.  Please note that for FCL customers all “Emergency” charges have now been dropped with the exception of MSC sailings from Italy.

Pricing changes apply to any shipments sailing on or after 1/1/2023


Here are the key changes:

  • LCL prices will be reduced by $1 – $2 a case.  In addition, there will be a  1% reduction in the BAF fuel surcharge .
  • The fuel surcharge will decrease, as follows
    • East coast shipments  16% -> 15%
    • West coast shipments 18% -> 17%
  • Our FCL customer will experience a similar case price drop on their shipments.



  • Do you foresee any end to the supply chain crisis?
    • Industry experts are predicting that the crises will continue to ease through 2023.
  • Will Elenteny continue to drop rates if supply chain costs drop?
    • Yes
  • Will West Coast LCL shipments continue to ship through the East Coast?
    • Yes, for the time being, see above.
  • Will rates for FCLs change?
    • Yes, inline with forwarder decreases


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