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Operations Update:

Port Update: 

New York- the port throughput is up 36% from last year, vessels are queuing outside to berth, there are chassis shortages and severe congestion at all terminals. Chassis units cannot be re-used for new container collection when empty container receiving is not available due to lack of space. This delays all operations at the port.  Vessel wait time is running between 1 – 3 weeks.

Oakland- is still recovering after closures in July from truckers protesting California AB5 law. The backlog from closures will severely impact all operations at the ports and add to the existing delays/congestion this week. This will impact pickup, delivery and return of containers at the terminals. There are 12 vessels at berth with 13 awaiting berth space/holding.

LA/Long Beach- The vessel wait time is on average up to 16 days (Los Angeles) and up to 6 days (Long Beach) due to high import volumes, dwell times, and labor availability. Terminal congestion and trucking queues are restricting ability to retrieve containers during allotted appointment times.

Warning! Phishing Email

Please be aware that the scammers who had previously sent an email posing as Jasmin from our company are at it again. Their original email on June 20th stated that due to an internal audit we had changed bank accounts and were no longer accepting check payments. THIS EMAIL IS FRAUDULENT AND DID NOT ORIGINATE FROM OUR COMPANY. The email address is from a similarly named domain but is not ours. If you responded to this email and provided the recipient with your banking details please CONTACT YOUR BANK IMMEDIATELY in order to prevent any unauthorized debits to your account.

More recently they have sent out a ‘follow up’ message with the subject ”T Elenteny Imports Remittance update” , again advising of updated payment instructions. This is also a phishing email.

Customer Spotlight: Grace Under Pressure

Grace Under Pressure imports Special Club Champagnes- the finest vintages made from select grower-producers in Champagne.  Special Club Champagne, aka Club Trésors de Champagne, traces its roots back to 1971, when a group of 12 families with deep histories of winemaking in the region set themselves apart from the traditional Champagne houses by presenting wines made from the grower’s own fruit, as opposed to large production blends sourced throughout the region.

This prestigious group now encompasses 25 grower-producers throughout Champagne. Beyond the requirement of only making wine in the producer’s own cellar with estate fruit, stringent blind tasting panels must be passed in order to bottle as Special Club. Grace Under Pressure proudly represents 8 Special Club growers.

Raising a glass to Grace Under Pressure!

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James Miles is the Chairman, Managing Director, and Co-founder of Liv-ex, the leading marketplace and data source for secondary sales of fine wine. Liv-ex has a membership that spans across 560 wine companies from 43 countries. Members can trade confidently and anonymously with other wine businesses worldwide.

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