Weekly Update Week 31: July 25th-29th

Operations Update:

Oakland Re-Opens:  The port of Oakland is operational again following a week of disruption and closures due to protests from independent trucker owner-operators over California AB5 regulations. It will take significant time to ease the backlog from last week given the existing supply chain stress. More details may be found here.


New York Port Update: Vessel waiting time is averaging up to 3 days at the APM Terminal and between 1-3 weeks at the PNCT terminal due to severe berth congestion.  The primary driver for these delays is the 30% increase in volume into NY in 2022.

South America to New York: Our Argentina and Chile to New York consolidated container is leaving very soon, and we still have some space available. If you are interested in shipping in this container. Please have your PO submitted by Tuesday, August 2nd. Please reach out to your sales representative, or support@elentenyimports.com if you have any questions.  Space is on a first come first served basis.

Elenteny Staffing Updates:  We are pleased to announce that we have a number of new staff members, we have also taken the opportunity to strengthen the distribution team with some internal moves.


  • Tim Kealey joins the Logistics Team as Logistics Manager.  Tim comes to us from Roust where he was the Supply Chain and Compliance Manager for Canada, U.S. and Latin America. He brings a wealth of experience with over 20 years in the industry and will be a great asset to Elenteny in the coming years.


  • Jennifer Ely steps into the PO supervisor role, left vacant by David Bowlds.  Jenn has eloquently taken up the helm of managing the PO team, jumping right into processing orders, organizing domestic trucking and responding to the many customer enquires.  Jenn is able to lean on her 20 year + industry experience and her established network with our vendors,  having worked in senior roles at USA Wine West as well as running her own import and distribution business.


  • Kas Adams has been promoted to Operations Manager and will still be working cross-teams to ensure our coordinated efforts across our customer engagement. She will also work closely with the Distribution Team, alongside Jamile Henlon who has also been promoted to Team Leader – Distribution.


  • Arlene Eskride joins us as Compliance Coordinator. She will be joining us remotely from Maryland, and has a decade of experience in compliance at Total Wine.


  • Alex Tralha, our new Customs Entry Specialist, will be working with Elsa Cascais and the freight team to build out our customs service and capabilities.  We have worked with Alex for years, and he is a trusted customs advisor, and are very excited to add his knowledge and expertise to our company.

News to Know

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