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Operations Update:

LCL price changes go into effect on shipments that depart on and after July 15th.  We sent out an email to all customers on July 1st.  If you have any questions or would like a copy of the pricelist, please contact support@elentenyimports.com

Emergency surcharges will no longer be a separate line item, but rather, built into the LCL base price.


Customer Spotlight: SelectioNaturel

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, founder Matt Mollo thinks of himself as “just a guy who likes wine–real wine.” Importing wine lets him be a storyteller and a messenger. SelectioNaturel is the realization of a dream he’s long wanted to fulfill.

“When we drink wine, we’re connected to the places and the great people who make it all happen. There’s a lot that goes into the choices of the wines I import; yes, the place, the soil, the details, matter.  But above all, it’s a deep connection to the people, the families, and the histories that each bottle contains.”

Raising a glass to SelectioNaturel!

Want to get the spotlight?  Every month we shine the light on an Elenteny customer.  Let us know if you’d like to be featured in an upcoming Newsletter and tell your story: support@elentenyimports.com

Keeping you in the Loop

News you need to know

“Rosé all day” on your radar? Top wines to consider Top 9 rose wines produced outside of France

Bidding closes July 29th. Lux Row Distillers and The Spirits Business have partnered to auction a barrel of Rebel Bourbon to raise funds for the Disasters Emergency Committee Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal. Auction Barrel of Rebel Bourbon for Ukraine

Drought in the Po Valley threatens 30% of national agriculture production. Drought declared in Northern Italy

Previously a nonexistent category, English whisky is now growing fast in the U.S.  Is It Time To Pay Attention to English Whisky? | SevenFifty Daily

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