Weekly Update Week 29: July 11th-15th

Operations Update:

Reminder- Summer Property Closures: 
As we enter the summer months, we understand some wineries close and take extended holiday before harvest. We request that you please give us advance notice if there is an order that needs to be collected before a summer closure. We will do everything possible to pick up any urgent orders, prior to a closing date, but we cannot guarantee a collection can be scheduled if given less than 2 weeks notice prior to the anticipated closure. Additionally, please note depending on the country, our forwarders may be short on warehouse space and not have the ability to pick up every order as needed; however, we will try to accommodate all requests.

Oakland and LA Ports- Potential Port Disruption: 
According to local providers, the trucking community and independent owner-operators are planning for protests at Oakland over California AB5 next week, Monday – Wednesday.  It is not clear how much this will impact roads or operations; but we expect some companies will not send drivers to the port.   California AB5 requires independent contractors to be classified as employees and has a direct impact on drayage providers. Protests are also planned for LA ports more details maybe found here.

Germany Port Strikes Announced:
The ver.di union has announced a potential strike at major German ports including Hamburg, Bremerhaven and Wilhelmshaven.  The planned action would be a 48 hour work stoppage starting on July 14, 2022 at 7AM until July 16, 2022 at 7 AM.

New York / New Jersey:
The PNCT Terminal is closed Wed 13th July due to a fatal port incident and will not be processing trucks.  Normal hours will resume Thursday at 6AM.  It typically takes ~1 week to fully recover from a day’s closure.

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