Weekly Update: Week 20: May 9th-13th

Operations Update:


We have received notification of a price increase to some of our lanes from Europe. We are currently negotiating and do not have final figures or start dates for when they will take effect. Beyond this, we have also seen fuel surcharges on drayage take steep increases and are anticipating BAF rates to go up. Once we have all of the information we will most likely have to increase our LCL rates and our fuel surcharge with a tentative June 1st start date on the new pricing.

We’re Heading to Düsseldorf!

Elenteny will be in Düsseldorf, checking out ProWein, Europe’s largest fair for wine and spirits May 15th, 16th and 17th.  We are looking forward to the opportunity to meet with many of you.   If you will be at ProWein and would like to meet with us, please reach out to support@elentenyimports.com

Port Update



Vessel waiting time averaging around 2-10 days due to severe berth congestion. Import freight surges are putting pressure on terminal availability to accept empty container returns at the port. Trucking capacity in the region is averaging a delay of around 14 days for all equipment types.


Vessel wait time is around 10 days due to high import volume, and labor availability. Yard utilization is at 90% of capacity. Trucking capacity delays averaging around 5 days.

Los Angeles / Long Beach:

Vessel wait time on average is around 17 days (Los Angeles) and 16 days (Long Beach) due to high import volumes, dwell times, and labor availability. 12 containerships at berth with additional 36 vessels waiting offshore. The Clean Truck Fund Fee starts April 1st 2022 for all loaded import and export container cargo moving in or out of terminals at Los Angeles or Long Beach.


Vessel waiting time is 2-8 days due to high import volume, labor availability, and late arriving vessels. General trucking capacity is averaging about a week. Chassis deficits are adding to Houston congestion.


Vessel waiting time is 2-3 days due to import volumes and berth congestion. General trucking capacity delays in the area averaging around 10 days for all equipment types.

News to Know

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