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Operations Update:

Country of Origin Shipping Times

We updated our detailed look at shipment times by country and by destination. We compared 2022 (YTD), 2021, 2020, with 2019 data (pre-pandemic data) and used statistics from thousands of our container shipments to create this comparison.  The information below represents average delays.  Your personal experience with your shipments may have faster or slower shipment times.  You will notice that West Coast shipment times have continued to deteriorate and are now taking around double the time of our East Coast shipments, this was one of the key reasons we decided to change our West Coast shipments to the East Coast and then truck them to the West Coast.

Whether it is due to Covid, trucker shortages, strikes or container scarcity we are seeing increased delays from Europe. Below, you will find our current average timelines from the various countries or origin. Please use these for your shipment planning, and feel free to reach out to us if you have any additional questions at

Why Are West Coast Shipment Taking So Long? An Example:

Below, is a recent visual track of the container ship Bianca Sage, the map indicates that the vessel spent ~8 weeks waiting off the Californian coast. The Container loaded on the 1/31/22 and then departed 7 days later but the majority of its order were ready and picked up by mid to end of December 2021.  The ship only making its way to the Port once congestion ahead of it was cleared and it was able to secure a Port berth.

What’s New at Elenteny?


Going to ProWein – Guten Tag or Hello!

We are about a week away from this years ProWein in Düsseldorf, and we will be attending this year. If you will be in the area next week, please reach out and let us know. Either contact us at, or reach out to your sales representative.

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News you need to know

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Customer Spotlight: The Alchemists

Based in California and 100% focused on champagne, The Alchemists was founded by Chris Nicola in 2020 and truly passionate about champagne after having spent almost three decades in the corporate worlds of retail fashion, financial services, advertising, entertainment, video games, and high tech industries, and more recently Apple. The Alchemists is part of Grand Cuvée LLC (established in 2017) a business dedicated to Champagne. The Alchemists represents small family-owned producers who have a long history in winemaking that show a real respect for the environment. The relationships with their producers and families are built on a foundation of transparency, integrity and trust, in everything they do together.

New additions to The Alchemists’ unique portfolio include Nathalie Falmet, Emmanuelle & Marc Augustin, Colette Bonnet, and now representing the legendary David Léclapart for the state of California. They join a thoughtfully curated selection of talented winemakers including Emeline De Sloovere-Pienne, Champagne Bonnaire, Paul Clouet, Dumangin J. Fils, Alexandre Penet and Penet-Chardonnet. Many of their producers are experimenting with new innovative sustainable ways of winemaking and farming, and integrating traditional strategies such as agroforestry, which has been practiced around the world for centuries.

 The Alchemists is honored to represent this incredible group of winemakers and are proud to have recently signed on Ecocert certified organic and biodynamic producers such as Colette Bonnet, Emmanuelle & Marc Augustin, and one of the very early pioneers David Léclapart.

Raising a glass to The Alchemists Imports!

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Check out Alexi’s Podcast: Threats to the Sustainability of the Cork Industry With Carlos de Jesus

Carlos de Jesus is the Director of Marketing and Communications at Amorim Cork, the largest cork producer in the world. He played rugby at the national level before cutting his teeth at Breakstone & Ruth LLP, a leading New York-based investor and shareholder relations firm where he worked in media and investor relations and corporate communications.

Originally hailing from Portugal, his natural curiosity and interest in environmental sustainability led him back there 16 years ago to contribute to the global defense of cork forests and the species that rely on their existence.

Listen to Alexi’s interview with Carlos de Jesus