Weekly Update: Week 21: May 16th-20th

Operations Update:

Italian Transportation Unions Plan May 20th Strike

Due to a national general strike, we are expecting disruptions to Italian transportation this Friday, May 20th. To protest government military spending Ukraine, Italian trade unions will be holding a 24 hour strike that is expected to affect the transportation sector.  Read more here.

Doing Our Part to Help You Plan. LCL Timelines

It is crazy to think about, but OND is on the horizon. With the current state of the logistics world, we are doing what we can to help you plan. In an effort to give you insight into the timelines we are seeing for our shipments, we have started to post our LCL timelines on our webpage. We can not guarantee that the numbers will be pretty, but we can tell you that they are helpful. You can find them HERE


We had a great trip to Düsseldorf & a busy time attending Prowein. For those we met, it was great to spend time with you. Prost!  

News to Know

It’s still very expensive to ship: spot rates globally are still more than quadruple pre-pandemic levels. But rates are falling by the week. Container shipping rates: Still sky high but falling back to Earth

More than just a drink for summer— for large waves of the drinking public, pink wine is a year-round staple. The 25 Best Rosé Wines of 2022 | VinePair

Researchers discover a way to reduce incidence of leafroll disease in commercial vineyards. Vine removal technique foils devastating grape disease | CALS

Breaking down wine regions into smaller sub-zones increasingly common. What You Need to Know About Chianti Classico’s New UGA Subzones | SevenFifty Daily