West Coast Shipping Announcement

If you use our LCL service to ship to the West Coast, please read this announcement carefully.


We need to inform you of an important change to our Ocean West Coast LCL shipments. For the time being, we have decided to suspend our Ocean West Coast shipment service and replace that  service with Ocean Shipments to the East Coast and then truck the shipments to the West Coast. Elenteny will manage the refrigerated trucking from Coast to Coast, and wines will be available for pick up from Sidekick warehouse. 


The driving forces for this decision have been:


  1. The sudden suspension of Hapag shipments to the West Coast leaves MSC as the sole shipper to the West Coast; MSC has significantly increased their ocean charges and their emergency charges
  2. Very slow transit and supply chain times and delays in bookings mean that it is now 40+ days quicker to ship to the East Coast and truck across to the West Coast.  
  3. Many of our customers have already begun sending shipments to the East Coast and picking up orders from Fond du Lac in Edison, NJ.  This continues to be an option.  
  4. The potential for a West Coast port strike beginning in July, due to the International Longshore and Warehouse Union’s (ILWU) 5 year contract negotiation process, means that we need to change shipping now.
  5. The cost difference East Coast + Trucking will now be between an additional $3 – $5 a case compared to shipping on the ocean to the West Coast. Overall, shipping times will be a lot quicker.
    1. There will be Emergency charges of $1.50 a case until further notice 
    2. Fuel surcharge will be 19% 
    3. For the full revised LCL West Coast price list please contact your account rep, or mail support@elentenyimports.com
  6. Customers who ship FCL’s will still have the option to ship to the West Coast but should expect a significant increase in cost.


The significant delays and the increased charges have already seen a number of our FCL customers switch to the East Coast/Trucking route.


Also, please note that this is a constantly evolving landscape. The lockdowns in Shanghai are affecting container equipment worldwide and will further hamper an already strained logistics chain. There is a projected massive increase in volume that is going to move through the East Coast ports which may impact congestion and timelines as well. 




  • What will happen to my existing West Coast LCL orders?
    • It depends where your order is currently located.  
    • Your account manager will reach out to you, or you may mail support@elentenyimports.com
  • Can I still choose to ship FCL to the West Coast?
    • Yes, but beware costs have increased between $2000 – $4000 a container
  • Can I arrange delivery to the East Coast and then pick up from there, or have my customer pick up from your warehouse in Edison, NJ?
    • Yes
  • How long do you expect the West Coast service to be suspended for?
    • This is unclear at present.  We will restart the service as soon as feasible.
  • What does the ~$1.50 a case Emergency Charge cover?
    • Emergency Surcharges include : Ocean Carrier Emergency Surcharges + Vendor emergency price increase + port congestion/equipment upcharges and pickup fuel surcharges.
  • What are the LCL costs to ship to the East Coast and truck to the West Coast?  
    • Example level 2 shipping costs:




Emergency surcharges, ~$1.50 a case and the current fuel surcharge @ 19% is additional to the costs above.



Effective date


The revised charges will go into effect on shipments that are not currently on the Ocean

or already booked on a sailing.