Weekly Update: Week 16: April 18th – 22nd

Operations Update:

West Coast – Change in LCL Service

We wanted to inform you of an important change to our West Coast LCL shipments. For the time being, we have decided to suspend our Ocean West Coast shipment and replace the service by Ocean Shipments to the East Coast and then truck the shipments to the West Coast. Elenteny will manage the refrigerated trucking from Coast to Coast and wines will also be available for pick up from Sidekick warehouse. Full details of the change may be found here.

PO COLA Requirements

COLAs are a legal requirement for importing wine into the USA. If we receive an order without a valid COLA, the order will be entered into our system, but will not move to being approved and into booking until a valid COLA is supplied.  This means no pickup will be scheduled and also no sailing space is reserved.

Our Logistics and Sales teams will reach out when we identify that you have not provided a COLA or other correct information, however, providing the COLA information when the order is booked, will result in a much smoother process and quicker shipment of your wine.

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