Weekly Update Week 8: February 20th-25th

Operations Update:

Did you give your input?  Which countries need more frequent shipping? Take two minutes and tell us here.
Are there any countries of origin that you would import from if we are able to offer LCL from that country?  Are there wines, beers or spirits in your portfolio that you purchase from stateside inventory, but being able to import from the country of origin would be an improvement for your business?

March 9th-10th: Vinexpo America in New York
Meet buyers and decision makers from all tiers of the beverage alcohol industry. Do everything from business matchmaking to master classes, demonstrations, and round-table discussions.  Elenteny will be there, reach out if you’d like to meet! support@elententimports.com

Shipping Delays Continue, Plan Ahead.  
Shipping delays continue to be a challenge for everyone, some key lanes continue to deteriorate.  In December, only around 30% of global shipments were on time.  We encourage you to book as early as possible to avoid delays and disappointment.  Use our LCL shipments to ship regular shipments while managing your cash flow.  Several weeks ago we posted our data regarding order timelines which may be seen here. In the report, we are seeing it take an average of 2+ weeks longer for an order to arrive into New York and ~1 – 2 months longer for an order to reach Oakland. If you are hoping to have an order arrive in time for summer, please order early and plan accordingly.

Featured Shipping Lanes.
We currently have upcoming service from Germany to the port of New YorkSpace is limited, and items will need to arrive at the consolidation warehouse by March 8th to make it on this container.

There is also some space left on our Italy to Oakland container.  Due to heavy congestion on the west coast, this lane is currently seeing a timeframe of 90+ days from when the items are ready to when they arrive at port.  So if you have Italian wine that you need for that May to June window, this container is your safest option.

Please reach out to your sales representative, or support@elentenyimports.com with any questions or requests.

More details maybe found here.

News to Know

Calls are continuing to build for regulators to investigate the business practices of the container shipping industry.  European freight forwarders call on EU to investigate container lines.

Champagne shipments to the United States shot up by 62% from 2020 to 2021, placing the U.S. second behind France among worldwide consumers of champagne.  US becomes largest global export market for champagne.

Last year, consumers gravitated to vodka, tequila, and American whiskey. And, for the second year in a row, ready to drink cocktails saw stronger growth than any other spirits type. Spirits Sales are Up for 12th Consecutive Year, Led by High-End Tequila | Wine Enthusiast.

Fine wine market sees a year of strong performance, especially for California fine wines. Prices rising for top California wines – Decanter.

The bottlenecked ports in Los Angeles face a narrow window between now and midyear to clear container backlogs before another import surge.  Clearing congested southern California ports hinges on demand waning.