Weekly Update: Week 06: February 7th – 11th

How Long Do Shipments Really Take? Sharing Our Shipping Data

One of the most frequent questions importers ask is: “Given all the supply chain problems, how long will my shipment actually take?”

We took a detailed look at shipment times by country and by destination. We compared 2021, 2020, with 2019 data (pre pandemic data) and used statistics from thousands of our container shipments to create this comparison.  The information below represents average delays.  Your personal experience with your shipments may have faster or slower shipment times.

The number of shipment days is measured from when a shipment is ready for pickup until the time the shipment arrives at its destination port.  The data includes all possible delays:

  • Delays in securing a container for shipment

  • Delays related to trucking in the country of origin

  • Delays in loading onto a vessel, for example, a container may get rolled to the next ship or the ship may simply skip the port where the container is a so called “blank sailing.”

  • Delays in vessel transit time

  • Time spent outside a port waiting for a berth

  • Delays related to pick up from port

  • Weather

Europe to New York: Shipment Times by Country 2019-2021

Europe to Oakland:  Shipment Times by Country 2019-2021

The shipping industry is now expecting delays to last at least until the end of 2022.  We continue to advise that shipments should be placed as early as possible to account for these delays.

Job Opportunities at Elenteny Imports

Elenteny Imports is growing!  We’re looking for more great people to join us.  Sound like a good fit for someone you know? Send them our way!

Check out Alexi’s Podcast interview with Marisa Wilairat, Alcohol Compliance Manager at Elenteny Imports where they discuss the opportunities available to join an array of accomplished professionals. Marisa talks about why she enjoys working in the alcohol compliance industry, the requirements for their open career opportunities, and the outstanding benefits of working at Elenteny Imports — including a killer holiday party!

Listen here and see our open career opprtunities below:

Customer Service  Data Specialist:
Process all order submissions from our direct and national customers. Key responsibilities: Accuracy, attention to detail and compliance requirements. Excellent customer communication skills. Job description.


Accounts Receivable Associate: 

The Accounts Receivable Specialist will be able to work in a high volume, fast-paced environment. As a primary Accounting team member responsible for all accounts receivable functions,  this position requires an understanding of various AR channels from differing aspects of the business. Job description.


Compliance Coordinator:

The Compliance Coordinator will work closely with a small team to ensure the company’s compliance with state alcoholic beverage regulations, including but not limited to completing product registrations, submitting price schedules, maintaining and applying for licenses/permits, and filing monthly tax/sales reports. The Coordinator should preferably have at least 2 years’ experience in the field. The position demands meticulous attention to detail, excellent communication skills, high organization, and critical analysis. The environment is fast-paced, the work is varied, and the candidate must be a problem-solver, able to think quickly on their feet to provide accurate responses. Job description.

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