January Newsletter

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What’s New at Elenteny?

Operations Update:

  • We recently announced a change to our LCL pricing, full details may be found here.


  • Supply chain disruptions are currently forecast to continue deep into 2022. We continue to recommend that our customers allow an extra 4 – 6 weeks to account for shipment delays.
  • For our customers using the  Fond Du Lac (FDL) warehouse, there is a revised date for the Elenteny inventory shut down, in February.  Due to scheduling issues at FDL, our full wall to wall physical has been moved up in the calendar.  It will now take place February 10th through February 17th 2022.
  • If you missed our 2021 year in review announcement you can find it here.

Welcome to New and Returning Customers!

In 2021 we helped over 60 new and returning clients import hundreds of thousands of cases of wine, beer and spirits. During a year of historic challenges, we helped importers like you navigate change and find opportunities.

Customer Spotlight: Schatzi Wines

If you’re a “Schatz”, you’re a treasure.  And so is Schatzi Wines, representing wines that respect the earth and give voice to terroir—wines they care about and feel connected to.

Schatzi works with environmentally-conscious winemakers from Germany, Austria, France (Champagne, Burgundy and Beaujolais), Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

Schatzi gives their producers a clear voice in what is available in the US market as well as access to pricing and their customer base. By operating with integrity and transparency, Schatzi imports the best wines at the best possible prices.

Raising a glass to Schatzi Wines!

Proud of your unique wines? Want your beer or spirits to be featured? Let us know! Reach out to support@elentenyimports.com.

Keeping you in the Loop

Dates & News you need to know


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Spirits experiment with altitude. How Elevation Affects Aging Spirits | Wine Enthusiast.


With the supply chain in continued distress, businesses are learning to soothe frayed tempers and delays. How to Support Customers When the Supply Chain Is Unpredictable | SupplyChainBrain.


A salute to the most innovative achievements in supply chain technology, processes and labor management from the past year. Top 10 Supply Chain Innovations of 2021.


Check out Alexi’s Podcast: Natural Wine as Philosophy with Roni Ginach

How can wine producers best reach the end consumer? How can an importer and distributor of wine connect consumers so they experience wine in a new way?

Listen to Alexi’s conversation with Roni Ginach, owner of Roni Select. Roni shares how winemakers enable a means of communication that connects people across the globe.

Start the new year with the warm story of camaraderie in the wine community. Alexi and Roni discuss how wine savants are working to connect natural wine with consumers and how the pandemic encouraged growth in the wine industry.


Listen here: Interview with Roni Ginach