Weekly Update Week 2: January 10th-15th

Weekly Update: Week 2:  January 10th-15th

News to Know


Will you be relieved to end any of these trends? 5 Drinks Trends to Leave Behind in 2022 | VinePair.


New traffic management program launches effort to reduce congestion in Bay Area ports. Now ships must wait for a berth offshore, rather than anchorages. Containerships told not to anchor in SF.


Countering high prices and shipping service delays Buttigieg vows to fight container-rate inflation.


Funding for ports is a priority for the administration because outdated infrastructure and the pandemic have strained port capacity and supply chains. Federal dollars begin to flow by the million into US port improvement projects – The Loadstar.


Napa Valley has changed its primary fund-raising event from the most bling-driven party in the wine world to a year-round membership model. Napa Wine Auction Swaps Bottles for Barrels.


What does the 2022 Supply Chain have in store for us? Watch the experts dust off their crystal ball. What Will the Supply Chain Look Like in 2022? | Material Handling and Logistics.