Weekly Update Week 46: November 15th-19th

Operations Update:


Elenteny Imports will be closed on Thanksgiving 11/25 and the day after Thanksgiving 11/26.  Any orders placed on Wednesday, 11/24 will ship out the following Monday 11/29 (with the exception of Sidekick).


We have sent our memo out regarding Thanksgiving 2021 Delivery Schedules. Please review this memo carefully, which can also be found on our website here.

Members of the Distribution Team will be processing orders this upcoming Sunday, 11/22 from 10am-1pm EST for Monday, 11/23 delivery. This only pertains to FDL, Chilled Solutions, and Western Carriers. We encourage you to place as many orders as possible for Monday, 11/23 to help frontload the holiday week.

We also sent a recent memo regarding a change to FDL’s sample policy through the end of the year.  All sample orders over 1 case containing loose bottles need to be submitted on Fridays for Monday delivery. We cannot guarantee that orders submitted during the week that are over 1 case will be picked in time for next day delivery.

Port Update:

  • New York: NY is tight but we are not generally experiencing vessel delays.
  • Long Beach: Average vessel waiting time 13-18 days due to high import dwell and labour shortage.
  • OAK: Average vessel waiting time is 0-2 days.
  • SEA: Average Vessel waiting time is 21 days due to high volume and labour shortage. Seattle delays are affecting deliveries to Oakland.

News to Know


Innovative packaging continues to shake up the spirits industry. EnGINe delivers its gin in the iconic shape of an engine oil container, a half-liter tin can with a screw cap.


Old is new again. Some companies are going back to dry bulk cargo to avoid containers and supply chain issues. Supply chain issues are bringing bulk cargo ships back into style.


The Jones Act is still putting smaller producers at a disadvantage. In Puerto Rico, A Century-Old Policy Hinders the Rise of Natural Wine.


Flooding cuts off rail service for Port of Vancouver. Port of Vancouver Rail Service Washed Out by Flooding in BC.


Why are warehouses running out of space? Warehouses started the pandemic with over 90% of space claimed. When people first cut back on shopping, stuff in warehouses started piling up. Then, when everything reopened, a pent-up rush of goods arrived. Warehouses are overwhelmed by America’s shopping spree.


Disturbing new trend: thieves targeting cargo. Cargo theft rising as criminal gangs take advantage of traffic increase.