Weekly Update Week 45: November 8th-12th

Operations Update:

Elenteny Provides Bulk Shipping:  As more importers explore the portability trend by shipping wine in bulk and packaging it in the U.S., we’re here to help.  See what Martine’s Wines had to say about bulk shipping with Elenteny.  Here is a link.

Attention Partner Clients:  Elenteny Imports will be closed on Thanksgiving 11/25 and the day after Thanksgiving 11/26. Any orders placed on Wednesday, 11/24 will ship out the following Monday 11/29 (with the exception of Sidekick).

Our Distribution team will be operating on a limited basis Sunday, 11/21 from 10am – 1pm EST.  We will be processing orders shipping on Monday, 11/22 from Fond du Lac, Western Carriers and Chilled Solutions. All orders are due to the team by 1pm EST.
The International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show was in San Francisco this week and we were a part of it.  The show connects importers/distributors to wineries, and helps us introduce our services and meet existing clients.

News to Know

For sparkling wines, 2021 was a tough year. But quality reserve wines will ensure there is no Champagne shortage. Will the World Run Out of Champagne? Don’t Panic.


Biden’s infrastructure bill passed. What does that mean for ports? White House Details Plans for Infrastructure Bill’s Port Funding.


It’s not just shipping that’s under pressure. Air freight is having a moment as well. Air cargo under pressure: rising demand hobbled by space and staff shortages.



Coke’s workaround: Container shipping is experiencing such severe price spikes and logistical delays that Coca-Cola has decided to ditch the system altogether for some of its cargo. Coca-Cola is so desperate for freight space it’s importing ingredients on coal ships.


Whiskey industry undergoing tremendous shift. Meet 25 Innovators Bringing Dynamic New Ideas, Techniques, and Ingredients That Are Revolutionizing the World of Whiskey.


Some wineries turn to new metrics. From helicopter and horseback to Peloton rides, brand awareness and customer engagement are the goal–not ROI. Out-of-the-Box Winery Experiences Help Wineries Reach New Customers.