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What’s New at Elenteny?


November 9th-10th: Are you going to the International Bulk Wine & Spirits Show in San Francisco? We are! It’s the biggest gathering of Bulk Wine, Bulk Spirits, and Private Label professionals in the US.

Globe Enhancements

Globe™ is utilized by Elenteny Imports Partners to manage their product-related data with the Elenteny team.  Freight customers use Globe™ to track their shipments.  Currently, we have a select set of reports available for both partners and freight customers who are able to pull their data in real time.

We are in the requirements stage for Globe improvements and would appreciate your feedback. Please click here to provide your input.

Customer Spotlight: Cork Hoarder

It started with Instagram. Back in 2011, Bryan Garcia posted pictures of bottles of great wine, hoping to connect with other like-minded wine nerds. That went better than he could have ever hoped for.  Cork Hoarders soon became his life. This winter he launches his book “@corkhoarder.”

Today Bryan represents a dynamic roster of producers, ranging from Becky Wasserman to new faces from Italy, France, California, and beyond.

Raising a glass to Cork Hoarder!

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Dates & News you need to know

America has long been gobbling up more goods from overseas than we send back, but in the past year, spending has gone bonkers. How American Shoppers Broke the Supply Chain.


How to visualize just how bad the global supply chain has gotten. The containers on more than 70 ships anchored off Los Angeles would stretch from Southern California to Chicago if laid end to end, an analysis has found.


Aiming for Zero Emission Shipping by 2050. COP26 Calls for Zero Emission Shipping by 2050 and Methane Reductions.


The Port of Seattle’s commission has voted to speed up its carbon-cutting efforts by ten years and now aims to achieve net-zero emissions from its own operations by 2040. Port of Seattle Speeds Up Decarbonization Plans by 10 Years.


Canned cocktails not going anywhere. The 14 Best Whiskey-Based Canned Cocktails to Drink Right Now.


Retailers are gearing up for the year’s biggest months. Here are eight essential rules for reducing headaches and increasing profits. Tips for a Smooth and Successful Holiday Selling Season.


Check out Alexi’s Podcast: Female Founder Series, Owl’s Brew’s Jennie Ripps

What does it take to develop your brand? How can you become a better leader within your team and your industry?

For Jennie Ripps, Founder and CEO of Owl’s Brew, lifting your business off the ground comes down to having mentors, a clear vision for your brand, and knowing your target audience. Jennie’s brand was, in part, formed to combat the plethora of alcoholic drinks filled with juice and sugar.  According to Jennie, everyone deserves to drink something clean, so she created a solution free of artificial and natural flavors, sugar substitutes, and parabens.

Listen to this episode of the Alexi Cashen Podcast to hear Jennie’s process of building a clean beverage brand.  Alexi and Jennie discuss best practices for marketing your product, becoming a better leader, and how Jennie is revolutionizing a male-dominated industry.