Weekly Update Week 43: October 25th – 29th

News to Know


Want To Become Your Driver’s Favorite Customer? Here’s What You Need to Know. Distributor drivers and warehouse managers from across the country share their tips for restaurants and retailers on how delivery logistics can run more efficiently. Elenteny’s Abbey Koenig is featured in the article.


Wine industry is poised to remain the leader of the DTC market. The dramatic shift to online shopping that emerged in the United States during the 2020 pandemic altered many of the dynamics in the alcohol market, one that is most pronounced in the wine market.


New Golden Age for Alcohol? John Beaudette explains how increased market access, favorable tax rates, growing consumer demand, and an explosion of new products forecast a bright future for all tiers.


Coke’s workaround: Container shipping is experiencing such severe price spikes and logistical delays that Coca-Cola has decided to ditch the system altogether for some of its cargo. Coca-Cola is so desperate for freight space it’s importing ingredients on coal ships.


How can retailers create flexible supply chains to skirt disruption risks? How Retailers are Redesigning Supply Chains to Avoid Disruption.


Supply chain chaos not over yet. Experts say container glut plaguing ports and the supply chain will persist through at least year-end. Long Beach Port Chief: ‘Shop Early’ as Snarls to Last All Year.


Do you have a subscription to Wall Street Journal? You might be interested in this recent piece: The Great Champagne Drought- potentially. See how logistical issues are troubling the wine industry during what is typically its most profitable season. Elenteny’s Alexi Cashen is featured in the article.