Weekly Update Week 42: October 18th – 22nd

Operations Update:

Opportunity to Join the Lobby to Have “On the Water” Tariffs Refunded

Elenteny, in cooperation with Benjamin Aneff, President of the US Wine Trade Alliance, is offering those of you who have been affected by tariffs for Wine that was already “on the water” to lobby for the refund of these tariffs.  To be included, you simply email Roger Murray – rmurry@akingump.com – with your business name and contact information, and ask to be included in the letter.  The letter may be found here.

Port of Los Angeles and Long Beach to Expand Operating Hours to Improve Supply Chain Congestion

Last week leaders from port authorities, transport workers unions, trucking and logistics associations, and major US retailers came to the agreement to move towards expanded operations at the port of Los Angeles / Long Beach and at major retailer distribution hubs.

Southern California ports have struggled to keep up with the influx of cargo vessels since July last year; vessels at anchor and in drift areas increased to a record 80 this month.  This port takes the brunt of the transpacific trade and unlike counterparts, the terminals (and ancillary supply chain components – drayage, rail, distribution centers) have not traditionally been operating 24/7.

You can read the full Whitehouse briefing room press release here.

News to Know

If there’s anything we know about human nature, where there’s fermentation, alcohol is sure to be close by, even in the Iron Ages. New Evidence: Beer and Blue Cheese Were on the Menu 2,700 Years Ago in Austria.


The world’s largest collection of historical grapevines will be frozen in $12 million cooler. Vines to be frozen to protect France’s most valuable wine source.


This Vodka Is Made from Wildfire-Damaged Grapes. Winemakers were set to toss their smoke-tainted grapes. Then Hangar 1 stepped in.


Winemaking has never been an easy business, but many in the industry say this year has been one of the most challenging in recent memory. San Francisco’s ‘Champagne problems’ — Wine industry suffers supply chain woes.


Transportation giant, Hub Group, enters the over-the-road reefer business. Hub acquired truck brokerage Choptank Transport Inc., which specializes in refrigerated transportation. Hub Group buys Choptank to enter refrigerated over-the-road space.