Weekly Update Week 29: July 12th – 16th

What’s New at Elenteny?


Operations Update:


Elenteny’s New Phone and Receptionist System  

We heard your concerns and recently invested in a live virtual assistant platform called Ruby. This way you can always count on talking with a real person, no matter how late you call.

Instead of leaving a message when we’re on the other line (or away because it’s outside working hours), now you can count on Ruby for help with basic questions or getting your specific concerns quickly in front of the right Elenteny specialist.

Extended hours, faster turnarounds, and a voice on the other end of the line. You deserve this.


More Importers Planning Ahead for the Q4 Peak Season

We are already seeing heavy orders for fall Q4 which is traditionally the shipping industries’ peak season.  With the current delays customers are planning ahead and getting orders in for Q4 shipments.

Note: Anything that is ordered as late as September may have a possibility of not getting here until mid to late December.


Referral Program in Full Swing

We’re happy (and honored!) to see so many importers taking advantage of Elenteny’s referral program. With every successful referral, we give free cases to both the referrer and the referee.  Click here for more details.



News to Know


Don’t let the door hit you on the way out. The Ever Given, a container ship that shut down the Suez canal in March, has been released by the Suez Canal Authority after reaching a multi-million dollar compensation deal. The monthlong blockage of this critical global trade route made a noticeable impact on the already stressed global shipping.


Fueled by customer impatience, Smart Warehouses expected to grow by 10%. A report from PwC showed that 17% of customers will actually abandon a brand if they face a long delivery time.


‘Massive import demand’ driving supply chain disruption. Extreme demand, combined with operational disruption brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic, meant all parts of the US supply chain was facing unprecedented pressure with a lack of rail and truck capacity and full warehouses and ports.


At least there are fewer pirates. The ICC International Maritime Bureau (IMB) reported that the incidents of piracy and armed robbery are at their lowest levels in 27 years.