Shipping Costs – Emergency Charge Increase

The rise in worldwide container demand, and COVID-related issues continue to drive global increases in container delays and costs. The world container index, below, shows the continued dramatic rise in shipping prices. We have been notified of additional emergency charges and price rises effective July onwards


For Q2 our current pass through charges are estimated at around $1.60 a case.  Given the significant price rises that will be implemented by the shipping lines in Q3, we estimate that the emergency charges may more than double for arrivals from July onwards.  These fees are levied by the shipping lines with little or no notice, they are “pass through” charges. The actual cost is dependent on route and destination.


Typically, when we introduce any rate increases, we give customers advance notice.  In this circumstance, the emergency surcharges are already being billed to Elenteny so we are not able to postpone passing on the cost.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  


For FCLs, the emergency shipping charges will be included in our quotes.  Previous quotes will remain valid for 15 days from the time of quotation. New quotes will be inclusive of the new rates and include the possibility of an emergency surcharge, and they will be passed through and shown as a line item on your invoice.


We continued to recommend that our clients allow an additional 4 – 8 weeks for shipping delays.