Weekly Update- Week 24: June 14th – 18th

Operations Update


How long do shipments really take ?

This week we take a detailed look at shipment delays by country and by destination. We used our own data to illustrate the delays in the global supply chain.  We compared 2021 statistics year-to-date with 2019 data (pre-pandemic data) and used hundreds of actual shipments to create this comparison.  The information below represents average delays.  Your personal experience with your shipments may have faster or slower shipment times.

The shipping industry is now expecting the delays to last into 2022.  We continue to advise that shipments should be placed as early as possible to account for delays.

News to Know


BRUSSELS (AP) — The United States and the European Union reached a deal Tuesday to end a damaging dispute over subsidies to rival plane makers Boeing and Airbus and phase out billions of dollars in punitive tariffs, the U.S. trade envoy said. U.S. Trade Representative Katherine Tai said the two sides have come to terms on a five-year agreement to suspend the tariffs at the center of the dispute. She said they could be reimplemented if U.S. companies are not able to “compete fairly” with those in Europe. The full article may be found here.


I assume you’re reading the news…. Stock up on your favorite wine now: Low inventory and higher prices are on the horizon.


Container prices continue to rise.