Shipping Industry Update

We have regularly communicated over the last few months the deteriorating global shipping situation caused by unprecedented import demand and the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Global shipping lines have recently issued guidance affecting European routes and what to expect, specifically:

  • Here is our previous communication spelling out the specific increased costs.
    • FCL rates may now incur up to $1250 of additional costs.
    • LCL rates, an increase of up to $1 a case, effective for bookings after March 12th 2021
  • We are being warned of additional future price rises
  • Reefer containers are becoming increasingly difficult to obtain, and the situation is getting much worse in certain countries
    • Earlier this week, we were notified that we can no longer book any reefer containers from France for the remainder of March
  • The delay at ports and shipping availability has led to cancelled sailings
  • One shipping carrier is no longer accepting any European bookings for Q2
  • It is predicted that shipping disruptions of this nature will continue through Q2 and into Q3

As a result of these factors, we advise that you allow an additional 4 – 6 weeks for your shipments.  We regularly update shipping schedules as additional information becomes available. Please make sure you read our weekly update.

What steps is Elenteny Imports taking?

  • We are in regular communication with all shipping companies
  • Reefer containers will be prioritized for West Coast routes, where possible
  • We will be offering the option to use insulated containers to the East Coast
    • We will reach out to confirm this option with you
  • We are working on cross country (east to west coast) bulk trucking and possible rail options
  • You will have the option to ask your wineries to hold wine, or we can hold wines that have been picked up to wait for reefer availability