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‘Perfect’ whisky collection sells for more than £6m at auction. View the remarkable collection. 
Global trade flows rebounded more quickly in 2020 than in the aftermath of the global financial crisis, with China leading the way. Read more from the Wall Street Journal.
Why are so many empty containers leaving the Port of Los Angeles? Listen to interview with Gene Seroka, Executive Director of Port of Los Angeles here.
“Levels of shipments we have never seen in our 113-year history,” said Gene Seroka, Port of La executive director as 50 ships awaited an available berth at LA and Long Beach.  More about the US import spike.
Tariffs to remain in place. The US government has decided not to make changes to the latest round of tariffs imposed on European wine and spirits as part of a long-running aviation dispute. Read more here.


Tell, don’t show. More people buy wine when you tell them it’s made from organic grapes vs showing them the organic logo.  View Chart


“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” 

– Winston Churchill

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