Elsa Cascais

Elsa stumbled into the Logistics Industry by taking a part time billing clerk position with a Freight Forwarder as she started college.  She soon realized that she really enjoyed working in the Logistics world and invested ten years working for a Foreign Military Sales project.  Learning about all aspects of the business, Elsa grew with the company from billing clerk to Project Manager.  This is where she laid her foundation for her future in this bustling Industry.

Wanting to further career, Elsa accepted a job with JF Hillebrand, a beverage Logistics provider.  It was with Hillebrand that Elsa was introduced into the Wine & Spirits world and possibilities for growth.  She proudly led her team to provide excellent customer service while assisting customers with all their logistics needs.  It was while working at JF Hillebrand that her path crossed with T. Elenteny Imports team as she helped coordinate the importation of each container into the US and delivery to warehouses.  Handling the TEI account allowed her to learn all about the company, really opening her eyes up to a new world of possibilities.

When given the opportunity to officially join the TEI team as the new Logistics Manager, Elsa jumped at the prospect.  Being familiar with the international sides of the Logistics world of Wines and Spirits, this is providing an excellent opportunity to allow her to broaden her horizons and also learn another side of the business to help put all the pieces of the puzzle together.  Elsa is looking forward to growing with TEI and excited to continue this new path in her life.

While not at work, Elsa enjoys spending time with her family and friends.  Her son and husband are not only her world but also her biggest supporters.