Weekly Update 16 : 15 April – 19 April 2024



Weekly Update

Week 16 : 15 April – 19 April 2024

We have space on the next

Expected end of May Sailing

Reach out to our sales team to secure your spot

Operations Update  

Q2 Pricing Update

We are pleased to announce that our freight charges will remain unchanged from Q1 and will continue through Q2.  Red Sea and Panama Canal emergency charges will also continue at the same level as Q1.  Reach out to our sales team if you would like to discuss our services and rates here.

Reefer container Summer availability

In the lead-up to summer,  the shipping lines have indicated that reefer container availability is becoming more constrained, particularly from France.  This may lead to delays for reefer shipments.  Please plan for extra time for critical shipments.  Elenteny will continue to leverage our buying power to ensure we have priority placements on busy lanes.

May Closures in France

Our vendors in France have forecast several closures throughout May which will impact operations.  Closures are for planned national holidays on May 1st, 8th to 10th and again on 20th.   Please get your orders in so that we may proritise any HOT orders on upcoming shipments!

Are you coming to Vinexpo in June in NYC?

Vinexpo 2024 is just around the corner!  The event is being held in Elenteny’s back yard at the Jarvis Centre from 24 -25 June.  Send us an email and let us know if you will be in town here.

Building Containers | LCL Spaces Available 

As we fill containers, below is the number of cases still needed from each origin BEFORE we close the doors on the next sailing.

Germany to NY: 900 Cases –  (Orders coming in Fast! Expected departure end of May)

Austria to NY:  900 cases

Portugal to NY:  900 cases

Spain to OAK:  900 cases

Italy to OAK: 600 cases

France to OAK:  500 Cases

We also operate the following services:

France to NY – Weekly

Italy to NY – Weekly

Spain to NY –  Bi-monthly

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