Weekly Update 14 : 1 April – 5 April 2024



Weekly Update

Week 14 : 1 April – 5 April  2024

We ship Weekly from France to New York

We ship Weekly from Italy to New York
We ship every other Week from
Spain to New York 

Operations Update

French LCL –  Dry Lane

As the weather starts to warm up we will soon suspend our Dry Only LCL service from France to New York.  We anticipate the last shipment will be at the end of April. If you want to use this service please have your PO’s to us ASAP and check with your supplier that we can pick up the shipment the week of the 21st of April.  All shipments after 21 April 2024 will return to Reefer!

Organic Update 

Team Elenteny is part way through a 90-day timeline to obtain our certification.  Our documentation has been assessed by our certifier and submitted for review.  Elenteny Imports is still able to participate in the NOP program in the interim, and like many of our wine industry colleagues will continue to import organic wine with the provision that it is appropriately identified and complies with NOP guidance. Please reach out to our team if you want to import organic wines at organic@elentenyimports.com

Reminder: For our opted-in customers please remember to clearly identify the organic wines on your PO. 

Port of Baltimore Update 

The Unified Command and Joint Information Center is coordinating the response to the Francis Scott Key Bridge collapse including providing regular updates via a dedicated website.  Currently, engineers are onsite to assess how best to remove major sections of the bridge.  East Coast ports have provided support by taking incoming cargo that was originally scheduled to arrive in Baltimore, however we have not seen any impact to Elenteny containers to date.

Are you coming to Vinexpo 2024 in NYC?

Are you coming to Vinexpo?  Let us know!! New York City is our HQ and we would love to chat with you about how we can move and distribute your wine. Reach out to answers@elentenyimports.com for more information.

Building Containers | LCL Spaces Available

As we fill containers, below is the number of cases still needed from each origin BEFORE we close the doors on the next sailing.

France (Le Havre) Dry Insulated to NY:  Closing Soon get your order in!

Germany NY:  200 cases

Austria to NY:  1132 cases

Portugal to NY: 50 cases

Spain to OAK:  Full, Building the next container (yes we already have orders!)

Italy to OAK: 650 cases

France to OAK:  Full, taking orders for the next container

New Zealand to OAK: 1100 cases

Australia to NY: 1200, building a new container

South Africa to NY: Full, building the next container (yes we already have orders!)

Argentina/Chile to NY: Full, building the next container (yes we already have orders!)

We also operate the following services 

France to NY – Weekly

Italy to NY – Weekly

Spain to NY –  Bi-monthly

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