Weekly Update 12 : 18 March – 22 March 2024

Weekly Update

Week 12 : 18 March – 22 March 2024


We have some space left on our Spain to Oakland container.
Get your orders in to arrive by the start of Summer!

Email sales@elentenyimports.com
to secure your spot

Operations Update

Forecast Strike Action on the East Coast

The International Longshoremen’s Association’s six-year contract with the United States Maritime Alliance expires September 31, 2024.  May 17 is the cut-off for local contracts to be agreed to, so that a master contract can be finalized.  Commentators are forecasting potential strike action, labor slow-downs, and walk-offs for East Coast and Gulf ports as a result of the negotiation process.

More information can be found here. Additionally, this article also explains the key differences between the East Coast contracts vs. their West Coast counterparts which saw strike action last year resulting from similar contract negotiations.

What is Rolled Cargo?

Rolled cargo, also known as cargo rollover, occurs when a vessel departs without picking up a scheduled shipping container, resulting in delays.  The main reasons for rolling containers are:

  • Overbooking

  • Weather events

  • Incorrect documentation at supplier pick-up

  • Vessel schedule disruptions & availability of empty containers (which can be impacted by regional conflicts)

How do I decrease the chances of being rolled? 

When you move freight independently,  your chances of ‘being rolled’ increase. While you may be playing the spot market to generate a better rate, you lose prioritization over contract freight customers and larger companies.

Elenteny Imports leverages its consolidated buying power and we have been working with our freight forwarders for the past 14 years. This means that our consolidated LCL containers rarely get bumped off a forecasted booking and if they do, are less likely to miss the next sailing.

We know this happens to smaller customers who seek us out to help them secure their shipments with more stable timeframes.

How do you avoid Rolled Cargo?  

  • Reach out to sales@elentenyimports.com

  • Know your inventory requirements

  • Book Early

  • Ensure all paperwork is accurate and complete to prevent delays.

  • Plan shipments to avoid peak shipping periods when demand is high

Building Containers | LCL Spaces Available 

We are filling containers now:  below is the number of cases to be booked BEFORE we close the doors on the next sailing.

France to Oakland: 500 cases
France (Le Havre) Insulated to New York: 630 cases  
Spain to Oakland: 600 cases
Italy to Oakland: 700 cases   
Austria to New York: FULL,  New Container Late April !
Germany to New York:  FULL,   New Container Late April !
New Zealand to Oakland: 1100 cases
Portugal to New York: 600 cases

NEW LANES for Q1: Building New Containers!

South Africa to New York: 1200 cases
Australia to New York: 1200 cases
Argentina/Chile to New York:  New container for April/ May loading

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