Weekly Update Week 5 : 29 January – 2 February 2024

Weekly Update

Week 5 : 29 January – 2 February 2024

Are you a National Importer who needs help tracking and managing your shipments and depletions?
Elenteny partnered with Vinosmith for our sales rep order & CRM platform.

Vinosmith now has an amazing depletion feature to track your distributor’s depletions and sales analytics.

Email the team at  Vinosmith to learn more!

Operations Update

Q1 Red Sea and Panama Canal Surcharges

Below, are the final numbers for the Q1 surcharges, we are happy to let you know that they are significantly below our initial guidance.  These charges will show as a separate line item(s) on your billing statement.

For FCL shipments the charges will be per container.

(*) The Panama Canal Surcharge is effective for all shipments departing on or after Jan 1st, 2024.
(#) The Red Sea Emergency Charge is effective on all ships departing on or after Feb 1st, 2024

Green Shipping with Grain de Sail 

We are pleased to partner with Grain de Sail to provide a green shipping option to our customers.

In January 2024, Grain de Sail launched its second cargo sailboat operating shipping routes between Europe and the Americas. The entire voyage offers the lowest carbon footprint of all cross-Atlantic routes to ship your wine.

Their second cargo sailboat is specially designed to ensure the integrity of the wine during the voyage, with stable temperatures and Hygrometry.

photo credit : easyride via Grain de Sail

The next sailing is slated for 15 March arriving in New York in late March to early April.  If you have between 1- 4 pallets of wine you and you would like to ship please reach out to our Sales Team for a quote.

Get your Booking in by 9 February to secure your spot on this maiden voyage.

More information on grain de sail can be found here.


French Road Blocks and Port Strike Action 

Agricultural workers protesting working conditions have blocked key roadways resulting in delays and disruption to transport networks in and around Paris.

Additionally, Dockworkers at French Ports have announced strike action which will slow and or shut Port activity from February 5 to 7 February 2024, and again on 9 February 2024.    

Building Containers | LCL Spaces Available

We are filling containers now:  below is the number of cases to be booked BEFORE we close the doors on the next sailing.
France to Oakland: 1000 cases
France (FOS) to New York: 700 cases
France (Le Havre) Insulated to New York : 935. * New Dry Lane
Spain to Oakland: 780 cases
Germany to New York: 750 cases
Portugal to New York: 200 cases
Austria to New York: 800 cases
New Zealand to Oakland: 1100 cases
Italy to Oakland: 1050 cases
South Africa to New York: 600 cases    
France to Seattle: 980 cases  
Argentina/Chile to New York: 600 cases for a March Loading

NEW LANES for Q1: Building New Containers!

Italy to Oakland: 1100 *new
Australia to New York: 1200 cases
Italy to Seattle: 1200 cases

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Our next South American container is filling fast! Departing before the end of Q1

We have 600 cases to book before we depart!

Email us now to secure your spot.