Weekly Update 9 : 26 February – 1 March 2024




Weekly Update

Week 9 : 26 February – 1 March 2024

Our Spain to Oakland container
is currently half – full !

As soon as we fill it,
it will depart

Email sales@elentenyimports.com
to secure your spot

Operations Update

CalRecycle Online Resources

If you missed it, CalRecycle held a webinar on February 23 to answer questions about including Wine and Distilled Spirits in the Beverage Container Recycling Program.   The webinar includes a demonstration on how to use the Division of Recycling Integrated Information System (DORIIS) for monthly reporting of Processing Fees and CRV.   You can watch it on YouTube here.  On this link are several handy videos explaining the program rules and reporting requirements.

Summer is coming … Plan your inventory early to avoid delays!

As we enter the busy season, we have noticed that there has been an uptick in delays across all lanes we service.  Delays are occurring for a number of reasons including missed trans-shipments, the transit restrictions in the Panama Canal, and slow steaming due to the Euro-zone ETS  rules.

FMC publishes final rule on Detention and Demurrage Billing

Final Rule issued by the Federal Maritime Commission establishes requirements for how common carriers and marine terminal operators (MTOs) must bill for demurrage and detention charges.  Most of the rule takes effect on May 28, 2024.

Building Containers | LCL Spaces Available

We are filling containers now:  below is the number of cases to be booked BEFORE we close the doors on the next sailing.

France to Oakland: 400 cases
France (Le Havre) Insulated to New York: 500 cases  
Spain to Oakland: 780 cases
Italy to Oakland: 50 cases  *get in quick
Austria to New York: 565 cases
Germany to New York: 200 cases  *get in quick
New Zealand to Oakland: 1100 cases

Argentina/Chile to New York:  March departure full, building a new container for April 2024

NEW LANES for Q1: Building New Containers!

Italy to Seattle:  1200 cases
Australia to New York: 1200 cases
Portugal to New York: 1200 cases
France to Seattle: 1200 cases 
South Africa to New York: 
1200 cases

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