Weekly Update Week 50 : December 13th-17th

Weekly Update : Week 50:  December 13th-17th

Operations Update:

Reminder 2022 CBMA Letters

As 2022 approaches, CBMA letters will need to be renewed.  For orders that are expected to come in late December, we advise requesting renewed 2022 CBMA letters as soon as possible.

Although these orders were processed in 2021, the rebate is based on the order’s arrival date. Without a renewed letter on file, the CBMA discount will not be applied so with the possibility of port delays we highly recommend requesting a 2022 letter as early as possible.

Click here for our 2022 CBMA Letter Generator and please reach out CBMA@elentenyimports.com if you have any questions. Thank you!

Our Christmas and New Year’s Delivery Schedules 2021, maybe found here.

We still have some room on the following lanes. Act now, while there’s still room! 

  • Portugal to Oakland
  • New Zealand to Oakland
  • Chile to Oakland
  • South Africa to Oakland.
  • South America to New York

News to Know

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