Weekly Update Week 48: November 27 – 1 December 2023  

Weekly Update

Week 48: November 27 – 1 December 2023  

Operations Update

New Email Channels

2023 has been a busy year for us and we appreciate all of the questions, comments, and inquiries.

We love hearing from you and we want to make sure we get to your emails quickly and with the correct information.  We have created a new answers@ channel and sales@ channel.

Do you have a question and you’re not sure where to send it, start with the new answers@ channel.  Ask us here about PO Status, supplier pick-ups, inbounding, and Port arrivals.


For more specific questions, below is a list of channels.

sales@elentenyimports.com : For all sales-related questions

po@elentenyimports.com : Submit all new purchase orders only

receiving@elentenyimports.com : Query inbounds timeline and provide trucker information for release

cbma@elentenyimports.com : For all CBMA questions

customs@elentenyimports.com : COLA requests and FDA resolution

There is NO need to copy multiple mailboxes on an email.  We use a collaborative email solution that links all inboxes and we will ensure that your email gets to the right team.

All email boxes are monitored for response times, we aim to respond within 1 business day to every query.

Want more information? Click here for example questions.

Holiday Winery Closures on the Horizon
Many wineries close for the final two weeks of the year. If you have an order that needs to be picked up prior to the end of December, send your order in now to allow for enough time to coordinate pickup.

Operational delays: Chile, Argentina, and Australia
Argentina/Chile:  Strikes in Chile have concluded the Port is now operating normally.  However, weather-related delays should be expected, at this time of year, on the Mendoza -> Chile, Trans-Andean highway.

Australia:  Port Strikes in Australia are ongoing with a rolling program of strike action planned through 8 December 2023. This action will impact Ports in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Fremantle on the West Coast.   Strike action is planned for 4th, 5th, 6th and 8th December. The Port of Adelaide is not impacted by the Strike action.

Strike Action in France

Dockworkers and Unions have announced strike action on the following dates. We will work with our freight forwarders to minimize any disruptions to shipments.  Strike action will impact FOS and Le Harve as described below.

 FOS   Le Harve 
 Dec 1, 2023 – 4 hours  7 December – 4 hours
 Dec 4, 2023 – 4 hours  21 December – 24 Hours
 Dec 14, 2023 – 24 hours
 Dec 21, 2023 – 24 hours

Low Volume Lanes Update  LCL space (9L cases) is available on the following:

France to OAK: 850

France (FOS) to NY.   Full, building a new container

Spain to OAK: 100 closing soon

Italy to OAK: 1100 building a new container

Germany to NY: 100 cases (closing soon)

Portugal to NY: 700 cases

Portugal to OAK: Full (building a new container)

Austria to NY: 300 cases

New Zealand to OAK: 1100 cases

Australia to NY: 300 Cases (closing soon)

Georgia to NY Full

Argentina/Chile – Building a new container for Q1


Italy to Seattle:  1100 cases (Building a new container)

France to Seattle: 900 cases

South America to NY: 1200 cases (building a new container)

High – Frequency LCL Lanes:

Italy to NY:         Multiple shipments per week

France to NY:    Multiple shipments per week

Spain to NY:      One shipment per week

News to Know

Congestion Building along the East Coast of Africa 

Ports in South Africa are struggling with congestion as containers wait to gain access to port berths in key cities. Ports are signaling that it will take some time to clear the backlog with trucking and rail services also impacted.

A new chapter in Oregon’s Sparkling Wine Movement  |  SevenFiftyDaily

The Oregan Wine industry is gaining notoriety for its production of sparkling wine with close to 100 producers now offering this varietal, perhaps this is in response to reports by the outlets like Wine Intelligence, which notes that ‘there was a 30 percent increase in the number of Americans drinking sparkling wine between 2019 and 2022’.

Why your favorite Wine might disappoint you if you order it on an Airplane | Food & Wine 

There is real science behind what and how you should order wine while you are on your next flight.  In flight, your sense of smell is likely to be altered by the change in air pressure and humidity,  it follows that you should carefully select a wine with more aromatic grapes.