Weekly Update Week 42: Oct 16th-20th

Operations Update

Warehouse Updates

Sidekick: Over the weekend, Sidekick successfully reversed the trend of steadily increasing inventory and removed 100 pallets from the racks to accommodate incoming stock. In addition, two new associates joined the team on Monday.  They are in the process of creating inbound projections for the upcoming month and are expected to be able to provide a timeline for when they expect to clear their backlog and reach zero inventory.

FDL: Delays are up to between 5-7 days. Our bi-weekly call Friday will address the current situation and we are working with them to gain priority in the queue. The seasonal influx is expected to slow over the next two weeks as the majority of action shifts to outbound shipments.

Coast to Coast Trucking Delays

Shipments from CA to NY are taking 3-4 weeks via Advantage. This is due to heavy seasonal volume. Order now to make sure you have inventory for the peak in November.

Dry January is on the Horizon 
According to IWSR: No/low-alcohol category value surpassed $11bn in 2022. New IWSR data shows no/low-alcohol consumption will increase by a third by 2026, spearheaded by the growth of no-alcohol products.

If you have non-alcoholic beverages to sell in the month of January, the best time to land them in port is December. There is still time to get bookings for delivery before the end of the year, but it is disappearing fast. Please get your orders in for ready-to-collect product over the next week to ensure timely delivery.


Low Volume Lanes Update  LCL space (9L cases) is available on the following lower volume lanes:

France to OAK:   800 cases

France (FOS) to NY:   200 cases

Spain to OAK:   Full (building a new container)

Italy to OAK:  650 cases

Germany to NY:  500 cases

Portugal to NY:  1000 cases

Portugal to OAK:  Full (building a new container)

Austria to NY:  1080 cases

New Zealand to OAK:  Full (building a new container)

Australia to NY:  800 Cases

Georgia to NY:  100 cases, sailing soon!


Italy to Seattle:  1100 cases (building a new container)

France to Seattle: 1100 cases (building a new container)

South America to NY:  Full, 1200 cases (building a new container)

High Frequency LCL Lanes:

Italy to NY:     Multiple shipments per week

France to NY:    Multiple shipments per week

Spain to NY:      One shipment per week

News to Know

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“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination.”

— Jimmy Dean

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