Weekly Update Week 41: Oct 9th-13th

Warehouse Inbounding Update FDL/Sidekick, Low Volume Lanes Update, Last Chance to Order Wine For the Holiday Season (East Coast)

Operations Update

Warehouse Inbounding Update FDL/Sidekick, Coast to Coast Trucking Delays, 

As our warehouses continue to ramp up their operations into the season, delays will persist on both coasts as we transition from heavy inbound operations to heavy outbound.  We are working diligently to ensure the warehouses are taking the necessary steps to get us through this situation.

  • Fond du Lac: Currently inbounding in 3-5 days depending on the number of orders on the container

  • Hillebrand Last Mile/Sidekick: Have brought in additional staff for nights and weekends to create space and help push through inbounds. We have seen some progress but inbounds are still delayed by 5-7 days. They project it will take them another couple of weeks to reduce their timeline to normal.

Coast to Coast Trucking Delays. ORDER NOW IF YOU NEED GOODS FOR NOVEMBER: 
Shipments from CA to NY are taking 3-4 weeks via Advantage. This is due to heavy seasonal volume. Order now to make sure you have inventory for the peak in November.

Last Chance to Order Wine For the Holiday Season (East Coast)
Customers have been taking advantage of a largely normalized supply chain for much of the year, but we are now in the homestretch. There is still time to land wine in New York for delivery to your accounts during the busy time and to have reload-stock ready for Q1, as well as take advantage of any remaining CBMA credit you may still be due.  Order this week to make sure your wine arrives in time.


Low Volume Lanes Update  LCL space (9L cases) is available on the following lower volume lanes:

France to OAK:   300 cases

Spain to OAK:   700 cases

Italy to OAK:  750 cases

Germany to NY:  500 cases

Portugal to NY:  700 cases

Portugal to OAK:  800 cases

Austria to NY:  1080 cases

South America to NY:  1200 cases

New Zealand to OAK:   1200 cases

Australia to NY:  800 cases

Georgia to NY:  150 cases, sailing soon!


Italy to Seattle:  1200 cases

France to Seattle: 1000 cases

South America to NY:  Full, 1200 cases (building a new container)

High Frequency LCL Lanes:

Italy to NY:     Multiple shipments per week

France to NY:    Multiple shipments per week

Spain to NY:      One shipment per week

News to Know

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— Lionel Messi

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