Weekly Update Week 30: July 24th – 28th

Price Reduction, LCL Space, Strike in Vancouver

July 16th 2023- Price Reduction

We are happy to inform you that we have just received revised lower European tariffs.  These changes will be effective on all LCL shipments departing on or after July 16th 2023.  This is our fourth price reduction of 2023.  Ocean rates have overall fallen back to pre-pandemic rates.  However, warehouse, drayage and pickup costs remain at elevated levels.  We do not anticipate any further rate reductions for 2023.

LCL price reductions range from $0.15 a case to $2.30 a case.  There is a significant reduction in Spanish rates to both coasts as Spain has lagged behind other European countries in previous price reductions.

The Italian and French lanes are subject to a small price decrease, as previous pricing actions have reduced the price significantly.

Example price changes – level 3 pricing (200 – 349 cases)

East Coast LCL Shipments:

  •  France -> NY  Base price $17.37 -> $17.07

  •  Spain ->   NY  Base price $18.33 -> $16.53

  •  Italy ->      NY  Base price $17.43 -> $17.13

West Coast LCL Shipments:

  • France ->  OAK $18.67 -> $18.37

  • Spain ->    OAK $20.57 -> $18.27

  • Italy ->       OAK $19.08 -> $18.78

The approximate shipping-time from Europe to the West Coast is ~45-60 days Ocean time, plus port and transport time. This does not include time from when we receive the order to when the time is loaded onto a container.

Pricing changes apply to any shipments sailing on or after July 16th 2023.

Here are the key changes:

  • LCL base prices, except Italy, will be reduced by ~$0.15 to ~$2.30 a case.  The fuel surcharge will remain unchanged, as follows:

  • East coast shipments  15%
  • West coast shipments 17%
  • However, reduced base prices result in smaller overall fuel charges.
  • West coast LCL services resumed April 1st 2023.
  • Our FCL customers will also experience a price reduction on their shipments.

Operations Update

Need last minute cases?
Whether from Europe, South America or Australia, we’ve got you covered. You can still book LCL space on the following lower volume lanes:

France to OAK:  300 cases

Spain to OAK:  1100 cases, we are building a new container for August

Italy to OAK:  100 cases

Portugal to NY:  150 cases

Portugal to OAK:  We are building a new container for Aug/Sep

South America to NY:  250 cases

New Zealand to OAK:  900 cases

Australia to NY:  1000 Cases

Germany to NY:  825 cases

Strike in Vancouver 

Workers took yesterday to review the deal that has been given the OK by union leaders, but warn that it is the same deal they would not put to a vote last week. Apparently this will  be voted on this week and operations will proceed between now and when the vote occurs.  We are cautiously optimistic the deal will get done. More details maybe found here.

News to Know

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