Weekly Update Week 21: May 22nd – 26th

Memorial Day Closure, Chilean/Argentina Shipments, World Freight Rates Appear to be Stabilizing, Elenteny Imports is proud to announce that we are a customer of Grain de Sail.


Operations Update

Elenteny Imports will be closed on Monday, May 29th in Observance of Memorial Day.

Elenteny Imports is proud to announce that we are a customer of Grain de Sail
Grain de Sail presents the opportunity to ship wine from France to New York sustainably on one of its cargo sailboats.  The pillars of the company are Taste, Sustainability and Adventure.  In partnership with our importer client, Corkhoarder, we shipped our first pallet with Grain de Sail this Spring.

More about Grain de Sail in their words:  “On the first leg of the voyage, Grain de Sail ships specially selected organic and biodynamic French wines to New York City.  Then, our vessel sails down to Central America to load up on organic coffee and cocoa beans before returning home to Brittany, where Grain de Sail roasts the coffees and produces fine chocolates.  With our first vessel, the round trips take around 3 months to complete and occur twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall but in 2024, our second cargo Sailboat with ten times the loading capacity will be reaching NYC 6 times a year. “

Chilean/Argentina Shipments
Bad weather on May 21st closed the Mendoza border.  The crossing will remain closed until further notice.  There will be delays with containers crossing from Argentina to Chile.  We will let you know if your shipment will be delayed.

World Freight Rates Appear to be Stabilizing
While we have seen additional smaller drops in the cost of dry containers on certain Europe to U.S. lanes, reefer containers have seen very little to no change as we go into the busy summer season for refrigerated shipments.  We have implemented three significant price cuts in 2023 and we will continue to track any substantive rate changes.

News to Know

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