Weekly Update: Week 19: May 8th-11th

Weekly Update


Week 19: May 8th-11th



Operations Update

CBMA Update

Our first CBMA filing was made at the beginning of April, but a glitch in the new MyTTB system did not enable Elenteny to complete the full filing until just one week ago. The good news is that we just received the (very small) first tranche of rebates from Treasury and will be issuing them early next week. We will notify you in a separate email that you should be expecting one. As for the larger filing with the bulk of the rebates on it: we expect, if the same timeline is adhered to, that we should be able to issue your refunds in mid-June.

Panama Canal restrictions

Reuters is reporting that the Panama Canal has lowered the maximum depth limit on ships due to drought.  This restriction will effect the larger neo-Panamex container ships.   Currently, cargo volumes are lighter than normal so little effect is expected for now.

New Zealand potential delays

New Zealand is under a State of Emergency due to heavy rainfall which has temporarily shut down most warehouses and winery operations. We anticipate this may delay some shipments.

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